Be in control

Uncover and be in control of your brands motivations and triggers

Understand Why

Understand how and why customers buy or don’t buy and find the voice and messaging that attracts the most ideal audience

Personal Brand

Create cohesion with your personal and professional life by revealing the personal brand of who YOU are


Build content that showcases your lifestyle with comfort and ease

Represent YOU

Have comfort and consistency releasing content that truly represents you and expresses your Primary and Secondary Archetype

Shed Ego

Learn about the shadow traits and ego-based perspectives that keep you from reaching your fullest brand potential

No More Copy/Paste

Understand the best way to run your business instead of applying the copy/paste culture we keep seeing everywhere

Liberate Your Inhibitions

Learn to let go of your inhibitions and start living life and business fully

You are your brand

Stop separating yourself from your brand or hiding behind your brand

It's time!

It is time to Fall Into Flow

Fall into Flow with us and join our community!

Imagine a digital space where the online community, you, Your Brand, your passion projects, and your business thrive with a deep connectedness.

We believe in digging deep into who you are through many methods, one of them being through your Primary Archetype so you can (re)Emerge, (re)Invent, and connect with the world in a way that magnetizes who you are with your whole heart. Welcome to an experience that will change your perception of what is possible and maybe even make you believe in a lil magic from time to time!

The short story is, we began to feel the online world-changing and business as we know it became a flat, fake, and a boring 2-D space. Things felt out of place and we kept seeing so much of the same things out there. We also felt the pressures of how fast everything was changing and began to understand how ungrounded and discontent things were. It has been happening collectively and we have vowed to stop it and start some good vibrations!

Sharon and Alley bring an experience to their FREE Facebook community that is wild-hearted and creative to the world! One which would transcend through others, outward, and become a place on the web that was meaningful for anyone who was ready to open their minds and think beyond the walls that try to encase us all.

We have weaved our 20+ years each of creative marketing, advertising, and design management throughout everything we conjure up in our growing Facebook Community!

If any of these statements ring true for you, we invite you to our group to connect with growing positive energy and presence on Facebook.


want to do many different things but have been taught multi-tasking is bad?


SCROLL social media, looking for clues on how to do your business right?


feel pressured instead of being in a state of flow?


worry you’re not good/expert/confident/ready enough?


feel the need to convince you’re worthy to buy from


resort to using other people’s ideas, blueprints, templates


put too much effort into the wrong things (procrastination, anyone?)


over explain everything because you’re afraid they won’t understand


feel confused about the core message that underpins your brand


feel out of alignment with your business and life?


lose sight of what makes YOU freakin’ awesome


wonder how to stop blending in and get noticed in a bigger way


suspect you’re not showing up as your truest self


stumble over the right visuals, message, or words that will resonate


wish you could simplify what you’re doing

Imagine if you could…


Enjoy a lil hideaway that feels like home and be able to have fun and peacefully experiment with your online identity


Lead, share, and educate others from YOUR truth and intuition, without comparisonitis and imposter syndrome blocking you


have consistency with communication, marketing and content creation, because your words and messaging flow

Sharon Woodcock – Alchemist-in-chief

Hey! I’m Sharon, a self-expression coach, Spanish-speaking traveler, amateur opera singer and actress – and life-long believer in the power of personal storytelling to create professional magic. 

Alley Jean – Creator-in-flow

Hello! I am a Wild-Hearted Brand Designer & Strategist with over 20 years of experience in the creative business field. I’m from Michigan in the USA and run a creative studio supporting entrepreneurs globally. I believe in creating brand magnificence through the lens of who you truly are and not living the copy/paste culture. I am also an artist, dog mom, and empath.

why listen to us?

We see so many people dimming their light, and handing over their power to copycat and predatory sales culture

We believe that authenticity begins with a deep connection and alignment with your truth, and soul essence

We work with online entrepreneurs and leaders, who want to make a huge impact on the world. The trail-blazers. The game-changers

We help you to leverage your innate qualities and characteristics, by fully activating your core brand archetypes, for maximum magnificence


Join Fall into flow

A special and creative place to grow your brand identity

This group is for entrepreneurs at any stage of business–it’s especially for you if who want to rediscover yourself and your brand, in ways that challenge the status quo… because, let’s face it, our comfort zones aren’t always our most powerful creation zones.

We approach our work through our four-pillar archetype branding philosophy, which encourages inner growth, and connection to the under or unexpressed facets of yourself.

In ways that help you to discover and be your truest self – and to trust that expression of yourself, so you can start to take soul-enriching risks with courage and confidence (‘cos that IS where the magic happens).💃

There is no-one else like you on the planet, and we’re here to help you discover/ rediscover all that you are – to shine even brighter, build a magnificent stand-out brand, and live the wild-hearted life your heart most desires.

If you want to get back the electric feeling you once felt and make it real again, this is the place to be.

We can’t wait to get to know you better and help to illuminate your world in unexpected ways. ╰☆╮

Sharon + Alley

P.S. The rules are to be nice, supportive, and helpful to others. Give value ANY day of the week. No spamming.

Promo post etiquette is:

— Freebies on the FREEBIE FRIDAY thread — Paid offers on the OFFER WEDNESDAYS